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Persona4 the Golden ANIMATION Volume 1

Release Date
  • Now Available
  SRP: $99.98
  Retail Price: $79.98
Disc Spec
  • Spoken Languages: Japanese
  • Subtitles: English
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 widescreen
  • Episodes: Episodes 1-6
  • Number of Disc: 3 Discs (2 BDs + Soundtrack CD)
  • Total Run Time: 150 min.
  • Rating: 13 UP
Bonus Contents
  • PV & CM Collection
  • Textless Opening
Bonus Materials & Package
  • Original Soundtrack CD Vol.1
  • 24-page Deluxe Booklet
  • Postcard Set
  • Clear BD Cases with 2-sided Wraps

3 years have passed since the anime series Persona4 aired...
And now, they're coming back!

Based on a hugely popular RPG, Persona4 became a sensation as soon as it started airing in 2011, drawing in not only gaming fans, but anime fans as well.
Released after the broadcast, the PlayStation Vita title, Persona4 The Golden, was a massive hit, with 350,000 copies sold, as if to flaunt Persona4's seemingly unstoppable popularity.
Now at last, the "Golden" days will begin!

Spring. Far from the city, time flows peacefully in this rural town.
As the cherry blossoms scatter in the wind, a young man named Yu Narukami steps off the train at Yasoinaba Station. Yu has come to this town, where his uncle lives, for family reasons; he will be transferring into the local high school, Yasogami High.
And so begins his school life...
The shopping mall after school. A series of murders taking place in town. The Midnight Channel, airing late at night....
What lies in store for Yu and his friends "this time around?"


Original Work: Persona4 the Golden (ATLUS)
Original Story Concept: Katsura Hashino
Director: Tomohisa Taguchi
Chief Director: Seiji Kishi
Series Composition: Jun Kumagai
Supervisor: Persona Team
Character Concept, Persona Design: Shigenori Soejima
Persona Design Concept: Kazuma Kaneko
Character Design: Yu Shindo
Music: Shoji Meguro, Tetsuya Kobayashi
Animation Production: A-1 Pictures

Opening Theme “Next Chance to Move On” / Shihoko Hirata (Aniplex)
Ending Theme “Dazzling Smile” / Shihoko Hirata (Aniplex)


Yu Narukami: Daisuke Namikawa
Marie: Kana Hanazawa
Yosuke Hanamura: Shotaro Morikubo
Chie Satonaka: Yui Horie
Yukiko Amagi: Ami Koshimizu
Teddie: Kappei Yamaguchi
Ryotaro Dojima: Unsho Ishizuka
Nanako Dojima: Akemi Kanda
Kanji Tatsumi: Tomokazu Seki
Rise Kujikawa: Rie Kugimiya
Naoto Shirogane: Park Romi
Tohru Adachi: Mitsuaki Madono
Margaret: Sayaka Ohara
Igor: Isamu Tanonaka (Special Appearance)